Top 10 Baseball Coaching Books

What Baseball Coaching Books should you read to help you coach?

Maybe you have been coaching for years and want to win more games.

Maybe someone volunteered you to coach because there wasn’t anyone else.

Maybe you just want to help your kid get better.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall in, these books can help.

  1.  Baseball Coaching Books by Cal Ripken Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way
    Very well written baseball coaching book for all ages. I read this book to get more informed on how to coach 5-6 year old T-Ball. This book provided a very good framework for this age group. Many well timed photographs used to describe practice drills.

  2. Motivational Baseball Coaching BookOne Shot at Forever
    At the highest level, the story runs much like Hoosiers, with a small-town Illinois baseball team going on an unlikely run against larger schools. But the real power of the book comes from the interplay of a small town stuck in the 1950s, an outsider coach straight out of the hippie-ville 1960s, a bunch of kids coming of age in the early 1970s, and the memories still seared in their minds as adults today.

  3. Baseball Coaching Skills and Drills Coaching Baseball Skills and Drills
    Not a coach but a Dad with not much baseball playing experience. Chuck full of info. There are pieces I have taken out that have really helped my kid. Don’t use the drills but like the tips and how specific the author is and how well you can translate that to your kid.

  4. Baseball Strategies Baseball Strategies. Your Guide to the Game within the Game.
    I have been coaching for a few years now and my son is getting older thus the game is getting more advanced. This baseball coaching book allowed me to teach more strategic aspects of the game, especially defensively. The players had a better understanding of what to do when (and why to do it) due to some of the things we taught from this book. If you are a new or experienced coach I highly recommend this book as it breaks things down easily and you can pull out what you need based on the age/level of your players.
  5. How to Coach Youth Baseball Book How to Coach Youth Baseball
    There certainly is a need for GOOD how-to youth baseball coaching books, and this is one of them. The book is well written and organized with an easy-to-follow format and lots of photos and diagrams. A new coach can’t go wrong in following the user-friendly book to cover all the basics of baseball.

  6. Winning Baseball Coaching Book Winning Baseball Coaches Companion
    As a former college baseball player and with a son now who I coach in little league, I must say that this book is by far the best educational tool in the marketplace. Trent’s insight on the game and his ability to “simply” put all the necessary pieces in place to help develop the skills our kids need is remarkable. I would recommend this book to anybody that is serious about teaching baseball the “right” way!

  7. Survival Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball Book Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Baseball
    This book would be a wonderful asset for a first time youth baseball coach as well as a veteran. It presents several drills and skills that build upon one another. It also goes over scheduling, rostering and time management as well as the importance of fun for the kids.

  8. Coaching Baseball Book on Tee Ball Coaching Tee Ball : The Baffled Parent’s Guide
    This baseball coaching book gave me a lot of great ideas for my second year of coaching t-ball. It is a great reference and also gave me backing for why I was allowing the kids to play different positions, etc

  9. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball Book Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball
    This book was exactly what I needed as a first time coach – with zero experience. It is an easy read with numerous photos of little leaguers performing the actions described. It not only covers the basic rules and offensive and defensive tactics, but goes into the psychology of what makes a positive coaching experience for both the coach, kids and parents. Most helpful were the numerous examples of drills for practices. Kids get bored and distracted easily and this book gives you numerous tips on keeping them focused on learning the game and still having fun.

  10. Little League Confidential Coaching Baseball Book Little League Confidential: One Coach’s Completely Unauthorized Tale of Survival
    Written with warmth and heart, this is still the definitive book on kids coaching. A must read for all involved in kid’s sports.


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