How Correct Hitting without Hurting Confidence

Correcting problems in a swing means you are telling your kids that they are doing something wrong. How do you correct them without hurting their confidence? The easiest way is with the Positive-Negative-Positive rule. Say something positive about what they are doing. Say what needs to be corrected. Say something positive again. Very simple. The […]

Baseball Coaching Philosophy: Have you changed a life today?

What do the great coaches possess that helps them change so many lives? Power Authority Knowledge Wisdom They use these tools to shape the direction of their players’ lives.   This, I believe, is our biggest opportunity as coaches.  After all, no player remembers the win/loss record – but they all will recall that special […]

How to Create Coaching Character in Baseball

Have you developed your coaching character?  What does it take to have coaching character? I found a really good article on coaching character. According to the article, It all starts with your Philosophy. You have to answer some simple questions and develop a philosophy. A consistent approach and routine is key to the teams acceptance […]

3 Simple Areas of Focus Help Pitchers Work on Mechanics & Technique

This article give you 3 tips for working with baseball pitchers.  The tips are broken down into 3 sections. Hiding the ball & Transfer Step – The starting of movement. Gather Position – Where he is gathering his energy. Working on the Set Position – With runners on base. See full story on Related […]

Basic Baseball Practice Plan Templates

This article has a few downloadable practice templates for Baseball. They are pretty basic, but you can download them in Word or simply print them off and fill them out.   A practice plan is a written plan that outlines your practice; reminding you what you want to do and when you want to do […]

5 Common Coaching Mistakes

This article lists 5 mistakes that youth couches make. Winning isn’t Everything.  It’s the only thing. Letting your ego drive your decisions. Thinking that you are not a role model. Failing to identify and utilize teachable moments. Wasting time at practices. Can you think of others? See full story on Photo courtesy of […]

Baseball Season Preparation for Parent Coaches

Here’s a good little article about getting ready for the coaching season.  There’s some good common sense directions to get you going. The highlights include: Creating a Master To-do List Contacting Assistant Coaches Season Skills Spreadsheet Situation Bible Drills Bible Practice Plans Roster Stats Player Profiles Video and Continued Learning See full story on […]