Rotational or Linear Mechanics to Increase Bat Speed?

As you already know, if you increase bat speed, you increase the power or distance that you can hit the ball. But, how do you increase bat speed? There are two thoughts on the swing.  Linear Mechanics vs Rotational Mechanics. Linear is a forward movement toward the ball.  While rotational is a spinning movement. Happy Gilmore would […]

What is Staying Connected? The Engine That Drives the Baseball Swing

Staying connected is letting your whole body work together. Hence… Connected! Some say it is the engine that drives the baseball swing.  But, the main message is that your legs, hips, and back are stronger than your arms. This article tries to describe the “Staying Connected” concept. One part I likes was when it finally broke down […]

Five-Tool Workout for Baseball Players

Five-Tool Baseball Players have elite speed, can hist for average and power, while also having great fielding ability and arm strength. If a player has all 5 of these tools they are sitting on a lottery ticket.  The reality is that many people wish to just have one or two of these skills at an […]