Soft Toss from Behind the Hitter

Soft toss from behind the hitter is a good variation on regular soft toss. It teaches hand-eye coordination, tracking of the ball, and waiting for the ball to get to the hitting zone. It is always good to put a variety of drills together when working with young hitters. [do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”WuuIgh9VJ-g” name=”Soft Toss Variation” […]

Increase Hitting Power with Forearm Grip Strengthening

Baseball hitting and grip strength have long been linked together. There are many different areas of your body and your game that can be trained and honed in order to improve your baseball hitting performance. One of the most overlooked and the least understood is your grip strength and your forearm training. Master this crucial […]

How Correct Hitting without Hurting Confidence

Correcting problems in a swing means you are telling your kids that they are doing something wrong. How do you correct them without hurting their confidence? The easiest way is with the Positive-Negative-Positive rule. Say something positive about what they are doing. Say what needs to be corrected. Say something positive again. Very simple. The […]

How to Grip a Baseball Bat. Don’t align your knuckles.

What is the best way to grip a baseball bat?  Align your knuckles?  Don’t align your knuckles? Which grip gives you the best chance of hitting the baseball? This article attempts to answer the best way to grip the bat.   The knocking knuckles grip is the universal way to hold a baseball or softball […]

Balloon Drill for Soft Hands in Catching and Bunting

Here are a few drills for the younger baseball players. There is a water balloon drill for soft hands and a drill for help with bunting.   Little League Hitting Drills sometimes requires the coach to be creative in order to break up the monotony of BP and a normal practice. Here’s some ideas which can be […]

Bottom Hand Soft Toss Drill

The Bottom Hand Soft Toss Drill is a more advanced drill.  It can help with hand-eye coordination as well as more solid contact. This drill also teaches the hitter to let the legs initiate the swing instead of pulling with the upper body. You can also try this drill off the tee instead of with […]

Rotational or Linear Mechanics to Increase Bat Speed?

As you already know, if you increase bat speed, you increase the power or distance that you can hit the ball. But, how do you increase bat speed? There are two thoughts on the swing.  Linear Mechanics vs Rotational Mechanics. Linear is a forward movement toward the ball.  While rotational is a spinning movement. Happy Gilmore would […]

What is Staying Connected? The Engine That Drives the Baseball Swing

Staying connected is letting your whole body work together. Hence… Connected! Some say it is the engine that drives the baseball swing.  But, the main message is that your legs, hips, and back are stronger than your arms. This article tries to describe the “Staying Connected” concept. One part I likes was when it finally broke down […]

Doubles Game – Getting Out of the Box

The Doubles Game is a baseball drill to teach hitters to get out of the batter’s box.  It helps teach how to run fast as soon as you hit the ball. This article describes the drill so that you can teach it to your kids. Here is the summary: 3 outfielders 1 Shortstop 1 Second […]

How to hit a curve ball

This article puts together a good strategy for hitting the curve ball. Here is an outline of the article. A little background of hitting the curveball Good Curve ball vs Bad Curveball Developing a Hitting Strategy Preparing to Hit the Curve Ball Curve ball Characteristics Baseball Hitting Truths 2 Drills to help you learn Here […]