Teaching Hitting Stance

What keys should you focus on when teaching a kid to get ready to hit? See the ball with both eyes Parallel Stance Hands in a comfortable position Distance from the plate   As coaches we sometimes become anxious to jump into youth baseball hitting drills because we know the difficulty of teaching and learning the art […]

Wiffle Ball Drill – Hitting a Wiffle Ball with PVC increases Hand-Eye Coordination

Here is a Wiffle Ball Drill that you can use for your younger kids. It is one of those drills where you are trying to have them work with something that is more difficult than usual in order to make the real thing seem easier. The Wiffle Ball Drill will help refine the kids’ hand-eye coordination. […]

How to hit a curve ball

This article puts together a good strategy for hitting the curve ball. Here is an outline of the article. A little background of hitting the curveball Good Curve ball vs Bad Curveball Developing a Hitting Strategy Preparing to Hit the Curve Ball Curve ball Characteristics Baseball Hitting Truths 2 Drills to help you learn Here […]

Casting is not good for Hitting Power

Have you ever wondered why someone has power yet other’s can’t seem to figure it out? You want to make sure you don’t cast your hands.  It is referred to in the video as a “Swing Bubble”. [do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”L0JUuc-kdts” name=”Casting the Bathead” duration=”T3M08S” description=”Have you ever wondered why someone has power yet other’s can’t […]