3 Steps to Teaching Proper Fielding Technique

Proper fielding technique is key to maximizing your kids potential. The is video below is one of the highest quality I have found demonstrating the right technique for fielding a ground ball. There are 3 steps. Baseball Ready Position – Getting Ready Proper Fielding Position – Actually fielding the ball Left Inside Hip Hands at […]

7 Tips for Teaching Better Outfield Footwork to Kids

Good outfield footwork can make playing the outfield easier and can also increase your kids outfield coverage. By teaching your kids proper footwork, you can decrease the number of balls that drop in for base hits. 1) It first starts with mental preparation, knowing how many outs there are and where the base-runner’s are located. Great outfielders […]

First Base Footwork: Don Mattingly Shows You How

The footwork at first base isn’t complex, but you need to know how to teach it. Don Mattingly teaches how to find the base and adjust your stretch depending on where the ball is hit and where the throw is going. See full story on youtube.com Related posts: 7 Tips for Teaching Better Outfield Footwork […]

4 Corners Drill Baseball

The four corners drill can be thought of as around the horn. Four players are positioned at each base and home plate and you have them throw it around in order. It can also be switched to go the other direction. You can also direct your kids to throw the ball across the diamond. As a baseball […]