Wiffle Ball Drill – Hitting a Wiffle Ball with PVC increases Hand-Eye Coordination

Here is a Wiffle Ball Drill that you can use for your younger kids. It is one of those drills where you are trying to have them work with something that is more difficult than usual in order to make the real thing seem easier. The Wiffle Ball Drill will help refine the kids’ hand-eye¬†coordination. […]

Indoor Baseball Practice. Wiffle Balls, Cages, Bunting, Pitching, and more…

  This article is about indoor practice for baseball. It covers: Wiffle Ball Drill Cages Batting Tee Dot Drill Bunting Pitching Leg Lift Having Indoor Baseball Practice Drills Can Be Quite Successful If You Know What You Are Doing Indoor baseball practice drills can offer your players a large advantage over teams which do not […]