Long Toss Variation, The Change-Up

One of my favorite drills for all baseball players is Long Toss also called Long Catch. It has 3 benefits: Strengthens the Arm Forces natural throwing motion Increases the awareness of the body rhythm and motion But, I’ve never thought about incorporating some variations into the long toss. In this article, a long toss variation is introduced […]

5 Drills to Teaching the Curveball

  When teaching the curveball to a pitcher, you want to teach an effective curveball. There are 5 keys to an effective curveball. Create Maximum Top Spin Use Fastball Arm Action  Incorporate Appropriate Leverage  Release Producing Vertical Break  Linear Finish in Proper Fielding Position It is easier to teach new things through isolation drills. Here […]

4 Change-up Grips to Teach in Baseball

The change-up is a very effective tool for changing speeds as a pitcher. But, it is all in the change-up grip.  You don’t want to teach your kid to slow down their arm speed, you want the change-up grip to do all of the work. [do action=”quote”]Don’t slow down your motion in order to make […]

3 Tips for Preventing Pitching Shoulder Injury in Youth Baseball

3 tips any coach can use to prevent pitching shoulder injury and elbow injury in kids. Today kids are playing year around by the time they are 7 and 8 years old.  Besides burn-out, other side effects another side-effect is injury. Here are the 3 things to pay attention to: Focus on Proper Mechanics. Don’t Pitch through […]

3 Simple Areas of Focus Help Pitchers Work on Mechanics & Technique

This article give you 3 tips for working with baseball pitchers.  The tips are broken down into 3 sections. Hiding the ball & Transfer Step – The starting of movement. Gather Position – Where he is gathering his energy. Working on the Set Position – With runners on base. See full story on baseball-tutorials.com Related […]