How to Break In a Composite Bat

Some people say you need to break in a composite bat. If this is true, then you need to do the following: 1. These bats have a much longer break-in period than aluminum bats. 2.The best way to break one in is to hit real baseballs is in batting practice by taking 100 to 200 […]

Preseason Bunting Practice – Even Sluggers Do It

Preseason is a time to get used to seeing the baseball again and bunting is a good way to get you started. Bunting drills are a staple of the early days of spring training. One of the fixtures of Twins spring training in recent years has been Rod Carew teaching bunting. If preseason bunting practice […]

3 Steps to Teaching Proper Fielding Technique

Proper fielding technique is key to maximizing your kids potential. The is video below is one of the highest quality I have found demonstrating the right technique for fielding a ground ball. There are 3 steps. Baseball Ready Position – Getting Ready Proper Fielding Position – Actually fielding the ball Left Inside Hip Hands at […]

Bunt Defense with Runner on First Base

This video demonstrates the Bunt Defense with a Runner on First Base. The third basemen and pitcher are charging. The shortstop is covering second. The first basemen has to make a read on the ball. See full story on Related posts: 5 Bunt Defense Diagrams How to Field the Bunt 4 Corners Drill Baseball […]

Soft Toss from Behind the Hitter

Soft toss from behind the hitter is a good variation on regular soft toss. It teaches hand-eye coordination, tracking of the ball, and waiting for the ball to get to the hitting zone. It is always good to put a variety of drills together when working with young hitters. [do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”WuuIgh9VJ-g” name=”Soft Toss Variation” […]

Increase Hitting Power with Forearm Grip Strengthening

Baseball hitting and grip strength have long been linked together. There are many different areas of your body and your game that can be trained and honed in order to improve your baseball hitting performance. One of the most overlooked and the least understood is your grip strength and your forearm training. Master this crucial […]

5 Bunt Defense Diagrams

  Bunt defense and offense can win and lose games. They always happen when the game is on the line. This article has 5 bunt defense diagrams to help you teach your kids how to handle them. Suicide Squeeze Diagram Drag Bunt Diagram (above) Push Bunt Diagram Slash Bunt Diagram Slash and Run Diagram   […]

Long Toss Variation, The Change-Up

One of my favorite drills for all baseball players is Long Toss also called Long Catch. It has 3 benefits: Strengthens the Arm Forces natural throwing motion Increases the awareness of the body rhythm and motion But, I’ve never thought about incorporating some variations into the long toss. In this article, a long toss variation is introduced […]

How to Grip a Baseball Bat. Don’t align your knuckles.

What is the best way to grip a baseball bat?  Align your knuckles?  Don’t align your knuckles? Which grip gives you the best chance of hitting the baseball? This article attempts to answer the best way to grip the bat.   The knocking knuckles grip is the universal way to hold a baseball or softball […]

11 Baseball Coaching Mantras

Coaches should always be positive role models, provide a safe learning environment, have written practice plans, and more. This article has 11 Baseball Coaching philosophies to keep in mind this when coaching.   … will be a positive role model on and off the field. … will monitor student’s grades and see that they are […]