3 Steps to Teaching Proper Fielding Technique

Proper fielding technique is key to maximizing your kids potential. The is video below is one of the highest quality I have found demonstrating the right technique for fielding a ground ball. There are 3 steps. Baseball Ready Position – Getting Ready Proper Fielding Position – Actually fielding the ball Left Inside Hip Hands at […]

7 Tips for Teaching Better Outfield Footwork to Kids

Good outfield footwork can make playing the outfield easier and can also increase your kids outfield coverage. By teaching your kids proper footwork, you can decrease the number of balls that drop in for base hits. 1) It first starts with mental preparation, knowing how many outs there are and where the base-runner’s are located. Great outfielders […]

How to Choose the Right Baseball Glove – 5 Steps

In this article I want to help answer the question, “How to Choose the Right Baseball Glove”. I put together 5 questions that will help you figure out the best glove.   Step #1:  What hand does your kid throw with?  Are they right-handed or left-handed? If your kid throws with his right hand, then […]

How to Throw a Baseball Properly

This article has many different strategies on how to throw a baseball properly. It starts with a mental shift in warming up before a game. You want to work on your throwing mechanics before a game.  It isn’t just a warm-up. Approach warm up time as a matter of team pride, providing your players with a […]

How Correct Hitting without Hurting Confidence

Correcting problems in a swing means you are telling your kids that they are doing something wrong. How do you correct them without hurting their confidence? The easiest way is with the Positive-Negative-Positive rule. Say something positive about what they are doing. Say what needs to be corrected. Say something positive again. Very simple. The […]

Teaching Hitting Stance

What keys should you focus on when teaching a kid to get ready to hit? See the ball with both eyes Parallel Stance Hands in a comfortable position Distance from the plate   As coaches we sometimes become anxious to jump into youth baseball hitting drills because we know the difficulty of teaching and learning the art […]

Long Toss Variation, The Change-Up

One of my favorite drills for all baseball players is Long Toss also called Long Catch. It has 3 benefits: Strengthens the Arm Forces natural throwing motion Increases the awareness of the body rhythm and motion But, I’ve never thought about incorporating some variations into the long toss. In this article, a long toss variation is introduced […]

How to Grip a Baseball Bat. Don’t align your knuckles.

What is the best way to grip a baseball bat?  Align your knuckles?  Don’t align your knuckles? Which grip gives you the best chance of hitting the baseball? This article attempts to answer the best way to grip the bat.   The knocking knuckles grip is the universal way to hold a baseball or softball […]

First Base Footwork: Don Mattingly Shows You How

The footwork at first base isn’t complex, but you need to know how to teach it. Don Mattingly teaches how to find the base and adjust your stretch depending on where the ball is hit and where the throw is going. See full story on youtube.com Related posts: 7 Tips for Teaching Better Outfield Footwork […]

Balloon Drill for Soft Hands in Catching and Bunting

Here are a few drills for the younger baseball players. There is a water balloon drill for soft hands and a drill for help with bunting.   Little League Hitting Drills sometimes requires the coach to be creative in order to break up the monotony of BP and a normal practice. Here’s some ideas which can be […]