3 Steps to Teaching Proper Fielding Technique

Proper fielding technique is key to maximizing your kids potential. The is video below is one of the highest quality I have found demonstrating the right technique for fielding a ground ball. There are 3 steps. Baseball Ready Position – Getting Ready Proper Fielding Position – Actually fielding the ball Left Inside Hip Hands at […]

7 Tips for Teaching Better Outfield Footwork to Kids

Good outfield footwork can make playing the outfield easier and can also increase your kids outfield coverage. By teaching your kids proper footwork, you can decrease the number of balls that drop in for base hits. 1) It first starts with mental preparation, knowing how many outs there are and where the base-runner’s are located. Great outfielders […]

How to Choose the Right Baseball Glove – 5 Steps

In this article I want to help answer the question, “How to Choose the Right Baseball Glove”. I put together 5 questions that will help you figure out the best glove.   Step #1:  What hand does your kid throw with?  Are they right-handed or left-handed? If your kid throws with his right hand, then […]

5 Bunt Defense Diagrams

  Bunt defense and offense can win and lose games. They always happen when the game is on the line. This article has 5 bunt defense diagrams to help you teach your kids how to handle them. Suicide Squeeze Diagram Drag Bunt Diagram (above) Push Bunt Diagram Slash Bunt Diagram Slash and Run Diagram   […]

How to Execute a Baseball Rundown

[do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”5XTQ8DinUcU” name=”Teaching the Baseball Rundown” duration=”T3M13S” description=”The Baseball rundown happens when a runner is stuck between bases. This video shows you how to execute the rundown.” height=”337.5″ width=”600″/] When a runner is stuck between two bases, you have to rundown the runner and tag them. Depending on how you teach it, the rundown […]

Double-Cut Relay Drill

The Relay Plus drill is an extension of the outfield relay. You can think of it as the double-cut except you will have them go back up the line of kids. You take four kids and space them out in one line.  They need to be far enough to throw to each other. Then they […]

4 Corners Drill Baseball

The four corners drill can be thought of as around the horn. Four players are positioned at each base and home plate and you have them throw it around in order. It can also be switched to go the other direction. You can also direct your kids to throw the ball across the diamond. As a baseball […]

Five-Tool Workout for Baseball Players

Five-Tool Baseball Players have elite speed, can hist for average and power, while also having great fielding ability and arm strength. If a player has all 5 of these tools they are sitting on a lottery ticket.  The reality is that many people wish to just have one or two of these skills at an […]

Doubles Game – Getting Out of the Box

The Doubles Game is a baseball drill to teach hitters to get out of the batter’s box.  It helps teach how to run fast as soon as you hit the ball. This article describes the drill so that you can teach it to your kids. Here is the summary: 3 outfielders 1 Shortstop 1 Second […]