How to Throw a Baseball Properly

This article has many different strategies on how to throw a baseball properly. It starts with a mental shift in warming up before a game. You want to work on your throwing mechanics before a game.  It isn’t just a warm-up. Approach warm up time as a matter of team pride, providing your players with a […]

Double-Cut Relay Drill

The Relay Plus drill is an extension of the outfield relay. You can think of it as the double-cut except you will have them go back up the line of kids. You take four kids and space them out in one line.  They need to be far enough to throw to each other. Then they […]

4 Corners Drill Baseball

The four corners drill can be thought of as around the horn. Four players are positioned at each base and home plate and you have them throw it around in order. It can also be switched to go the other direction. You can also direct your kids to throw the ball across the diamond. As a baseball […]