Increase Hitting Power with Forearm Grip Strengthening

Baseball hitting and grip strength have long been linked together. There are many different areas of your body and your game that can be trained and honed in order to improve your baseball hitting performance. One of the most overlooked and the least understood is your grip strength and your forearm training. Master this crucial […]

What is Staying Connected? The Engine That Drives the Baseball Swing

Staying connected is letting your whole body work together. Hence… Connected! Some say it is the engine that drives the baseball swing.  But, the main message is that your legs, hips, and back are stronger than your arms. This article tries to describe the “Staying Connected” concept. One part I likes was when it finally broke down […]

Casting is not good for Hitting Power

Have you ever wondered why someone has power yet other’s can’t seem to figure it out? You want to make sure you don’t cast your hands.  It is referred to in the video as a “Swing Bubble”. [do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”L0JUuc-kdts” name=”Casting the Bathead” duration=”T3M08S” description=”Have you ever wondered why someone has power yet other’s can’t […]