What is the Ray Allen Shooting Drill?

[do action=”add-youtube-video” id=”AoGoj4DpCtU” name=”Basketball Shooting Drill – Ray Allen Drill” duration=”T2M31S” description=”Warm-up drill to increase endurance when shooting.” height=”337.5″ width=”600″/]

The Ray Allen Drill gives you many repetitions in a row.  You need a partner for this one, but it will get your heart moving.

It’s almost like around-the-world, except you shoot 5 shots from each spot.


The Ray Allen shooting drills is a great drill that you can use for a shooting warm up or end the workout in a fun, competitive manner. It can easily be adapted for beginners and pros.

There are 5 lines. From each line, there are 5 spots. This is approximately the distance on each shot:
Spot 1 – 4 Feet
Spot 2 – 8 Feet
Spot 3 – 12 Feet
Spot 4 – 16 Feet
Spot 5 – 20 Feet

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