Offense and Defense Rebounding: What’s the difference?

Offensive and Defensive rebounding are different in their approaches.

The defensive rebounding position is the traditional box out taught at all levels.

As soon as the shot goes up you want to turn and find your man. You are going to put your forearm on him/her about chest level and then you are going to turn and put your butt/hip on them to box out. If you don’t first put your forearm on them they will be able to side step your box out. When you box out you want to keep your hands up.  This will make you wider and harder to get around on the box out. Also it will keep you from wrapping your arms around the offensive player, which is a foul.

But, the offensive rebounding position can be more difficult.

Most of the time as the offensive rebounder you aren’t going to have the best position because the defender is naturally going to be between you and the basket already. That means that you need to use some different moves to get by them when they go to box you out. Here are 3 different moves that you can use to try and get the offensive rebound.

There are 3 moves to help you get around a defender and get an offensive rebound.

  1. Swim Move to get over the arms of the defender.
  2. Spin Move to roll around the defender.
  3. Drive Under to move the defender under the goal.