4 Basic Types of Screens

How do you get open in basketball?  One way is to set a screen.

Did you know there are 4 kinds of screens you can set?

  1. On Ball Screen
  2. Down Screen
  3. Back Screen
  4. Flare Screen

You should know how these screens work so that you can teach your kids the basics.


To set a screen in basketball you need to make sure that your feet are set and that you aren’t leaning to the side. You want to get low and wide on the screen and choose the proper angle to set the screen at. A screen is used to help get a teammate open but can also result in the person that setting the screen getting open as well if the defense over helps on the player using the screen.

Basketball Practice Offensive Drills and Plays

Some simple offensive plays to help your kids with spacing and moving around the court.


One of our biggest problems with my third & fourth graders is to teach court sense along with drills, game sets, and to have fun, all within sixty minutes. This is one of the basketball youth drills I developed to address this situation.

The purpose of this basketball drill is to run without the ball and off the post and add a pick and run play.